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Calameda activities proceed along two converging directions: bespoke software development and our own product line. On one side we provide customized software solutions based on our customers' requirements while on the other we market our own products.
Regarding our customized solutions we have experience in developing complex systems in languages like Java, C, C++, iPhone and PHP. We enjoy evaluating the right technology needed to solve our customers' problems as we don't like to have any prejudice in making choices: each technology has its strenghts and weaknesses and we always tend to match our customers' requirements to these concepts. Our solutions are implemented following an approach we designed, the CalAgile.
Whatever software we are developing, usability and simplicity are always among our top priorities. For many years the software industry often consisted in human beings producing software programs without caring that other human beings were going to use them and even more, that human beings were going to update those programs.
Now things seem to be definitely changing and our work is an attempt to be part of this change.
Why we can make the difference
We believe in a way of making software that takes into account some human beings will be using it. Our ethics are kept consistent starting from the way our associates are involved in running the business up to the result of their work. There is no point in delivering software that we wouldn't like to use and this is why we always wear our customers' shoes and strieve to make our products into powerful and intuitive tools.
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