CO2 credits
We are aware that we could contribute to leave a better world to our children and for this reason we proactively promote envinromentally-aware policies throughout our company lifestyle.
All our collaborators are encouraged to commute to and from our premises by bicycle and we offer to take charge of the 20% of the cost of the bike used to get here. Our environmental awareness is also stated by allowing our collaborators to work remotely.
We try to find solutions about product ideas always keeping in mind this goal and this is why our first product, Glassific, is just a practical approach to avoid the heavy polluting trips made with classical transport means just for a meeting.
Why we can make the difference
We believe in a way of making software that takes into account some human beings will be using it. Our ethics are kept consistent starting from the way our associates are involved in running the business up to the result of their work. There is no point in delivering software that we wouldn't like to use and this is why we always wear our customers' shoes and strieve to make our products into powerful and intuitive tools.
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