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We develop customized solutions according to our clients' requirements. Our offers can cover both classical fixed-price/fixed-delivery solutions and solutions based on agile approaches. CalAgile is an approach composed of three phases:
1. The proof of concept
We build a proof of concept working prototype in a very short time in order to mitigate the risks involved in the project. The prototype is developed on a fixed-price/fixed-delivery base.
2. Two weeks work-slots
If the results achieved upon the delivery of the prototype are satisfactory and actually provide a way to match the requirements needed to make the overall plan viable, we go on with a set of two-weeks work-slots during which we agree with the customer to implement some specific functionalities. After each work-slot the prototype is enriched with some new working feature. Requirements are frozen during the work-slot so that the customer knows exactly what to expect by the end of it and at the same time our team knows exactly what to implement.
3. The delivery
The final result of this approach is a top quality product doing what the customer expects as he verifies what is produced during each work-slot. All this is delivered at an appropriate price as there are no "safety layers" in making up the price.
Communication between the customer and our team is initiated by one of our associates that gets to the customer's site for the kickoff of the project and connects the customer's team to ours.
On the customer's side we'll identify a person that will be our reference for the definition of the requirements and evaluating the results through test cases we'll implement. If the customer also has an IT department, this person could be also involved in the development in order to keep the knowledge about the structure of the system within the company. Customer lock-in is a very appealing business approach but we aim to reach it only through customer satisfaction and not through subtle sideways like writing code understandable to us only.
Why we can make the difference
We believe in a way of making software that takes into account some human beings will be using it. Our ethics are kept consistent starting from the way our associates are involved in running the business up to the result of their work. There is no point in delivering software that we wouldn't like to use and this is why we always wear our customers' shoes and strieve to make our products into powerful and intuitive tools.
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