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Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 45
08013 Bosa (OR)

Tel. +39 070 7730318
76-80 City Rd
London, EC1Y 2BJ

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Calameda is a software company based in Bosa, Sardinia. The company was founded in Summer 2009 by Francesco Masia and two former colleagues.
The idea of Calameda was born in year 2000 when the founders worked together in Cagliari for VOLTrade, one of the most visited financial websites in Italy. The website was sold to Tiscali and before deciding to join the new company, the team was evaluating the chance of running a new business by creating a project for a big editor. In the end the call from the famous Internet provider ended up being stronger.
After one year Francesco left the company and moved to London while the rest of the team grew up becoming involved in more and more interesting and complex projects. Francesco joined a software house providing a stock-processing engine for major players in the London Stock Exachange.
The three had a chance to get to work together again in 2007 on a project for the Honda Research Institute in Germany. Once the project was over, they felt ready to start Calameda.
The name Calameda comes from an area located along the river Temo in Bosa where the original settlement of the city was. The area is famous for hosting one of the most ancient Roman cathedrals in Sardinia and for its luxuriant orchards.
Why we can make the difference
We believe in a way of making software that takes into account some human beings will be using it. Our ethics are kept consistent starting from the way our associates are involved in running the business up to the result of their work. There is no point in delivering software that we wouldn't like to use and this is why we always wear our customers' shoes and strieve to make our products into powerful and intuitive tools.
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